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Use of Website

The content, and data present on our website are only for general information and general use only. We can modify the content without providing any notice.

We are not under any obligation to provide any warning or warrantee in applying any modification, time management, performance, or any additional condition in the website in case of any particular purpose. we may take responsibility in according any mistakes or errors.,

Intellectual Property

 Our website uses our own material or material that is licensed by our management team. These materials are really reliable and they have unlimited design, graphics, outcomes, appearance, and content. The reproduction of these materials is proportional to the sale or usage which forms part of these terms and conditions.

All those products which are not produced by ourselves or those which are not licensed to us are acknowledged on our website.


We do everything to ensure that the prices on our website are correct from items selling in a physical store, and we try to keep our prices fixed. Sometimes we need to change the cost of a product, either up or down, or to provide sales and discounts on the items. If an error is made and a product is listed at an incorrect price, Ever Uniform shall maintain the right to refund or cancel orders placed at the incorrect price.


Your use of this website is also concerned with our Privacy Policy, and securing your personal data and information is our responsibility. By using this website, you are concerned with the processing of your personal information and personal data like contact number, email, and address as described in the Privacy Policy.

Links to Other Websites

Other than our website there are many other sites that provide links on this site that may direct you to third-party websites that are not in contact with us. We are not responsible and it is not our duty to take care of your personal information, data and We are also not responsible for such services which you might use from the other sites for the sake of products, data, and materials from the other sites. Do everything at your own risk.

We are not responsible for any damage or harm to your data and information while purchasing goods and while taking services from the other links and sites.

We strongly advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions and take a complete review of any website or link before using it for your information and you engage in any transaction. We are out of this clime that we take care of all your information, data, etc.


Before providing any information and data take a piece of complete information about our website because every step you are doing is completely at your own risk. It is completely out of our concern to take

This all is for the security of your personal data and information, by knowing these terms and conditions you take much care before using any site and before providing any personal information.

Limitation of Liability

Our main purpose in designing such kind of terms and conditions is to create a reliable and secure environment for the users of the Ever Uniform website. We encourage our customers to utilize our website more carefully. If you have any questions related to our website you can freely ask us. We are responsible for guiding you and clearing your all doubts. We have much concern about securing your personal data. We are trying our level best to give you the best experience with us. Thank you so much for choosing Ever, Uniform.